Championship Pool Table Felt is made out of high quality billiard fabrics. A team of engineers, textile experts and old time billiard people came together to develop what is now known as the Championship Product Line of billiards fabrics. This is one of the most sold billiard cloth in the business today. Championship offers premium performance in pool table felt at a surprisingly affordable price with a complete line of worsted, woolen and specialty fabrics in over 30 decorative colors. A Championship fabric for every use. 

Titan is the #1 selling billiard fabric in the industry. This 21-ounce weight fabric is available in 16 colors. Advantages of Titan over comparable fabrics offered by our competitors include: Wider bolts (66″ wide bolts give you greater yield); Minimal pilling (substantially less than that of our major competitors’ comparable fabrics); Championship’s exclusive active sheering process provides the smoothest playing surface possible. Championship’s bolts of Titan have the fewest flaws in the industry and each includes a tape measurer allowing the user to know exactly how much fabric they have left on the roll. Titan is available in bolts, 1/2 bolts, yardage, or precut bed & rail sets, and is available with or without backing.  CLICK HERE FOR COLOR CHART

This 21-ounce fabric offers the added feature of DuPont Teflon. The product is bathed in DuPont Teflon (not sprayed on) to give it the most complete protection in spill/stain prevention which makes it perfect for home and commercial use. Invitational with Teflon is available in 24 colors (Basic Green, Championship Green, Dark Green, Red, Olive, Taupe, Bottle Green, Electric Blue, Golden, Khaki, Camel, Academy Blue, Purple, Euro Blue, Navy, Brown, Burgundy, Wine, Steel Gray, Titanium, Charcoal, Black, Aztec and Brick) giving you the most color choices in any DuPont Teflon treated product. CLICK HERE FOR COLOR CHART

This 24 Ounce Weight worsted is the most durable tournament quality fabric in the industry. Tour Edition will outlast its leading competitor by a minimum of 30% under comparable playing conditions. Tour Edition’s formula, construction, finishing process and extra weight make it practically puncture proof. Fewer dings and tears result in a smoother playing surface throughout the life of the fabric. Tour Edition is finished with Championship’s exclusive active sheering and vacuum decating processes resulting in the smoothest playing surface possible. CLICK HERE FOR COLOR CHART

Mercury Ultra is a 19-ounce weight, woolen-hybrid fabric finished to look and play like a worsted. It has the aesthetic characteristics of a worsted paired with the durability of a woolen. This unique cloth is designed for players who want the speed of worsted but don’t want to pay the higher prices associated with worsted fabrics. Mercury Ultra is very popular in commercial billiard rooms, coin operated tables as well as home tables. This product is available in bolts (66″ width), 1/2 bolts, yardage, and precut bed & rail sets. CLICK HERE FOR COLOR CHART